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February 2021

M&A Advisor Corner Tip

Cybersecurity a buyer priority New research from Datasite reveals that cybersecurity is the leading issue that causes buyers to withdraw from a deal in due diligence. When asked how often [...]

M&A Advisor Corner Tip

Essentially the longer it takes an M&A transaction to reach the closing table, the more likely that deal is to fizzle and die a painful death.

December 2019

August 2019

Mergers and Acquisitions: a post-deal review

To take advantage of various investment opportunities in India, several international corporates have established their presence by entering into M&A transactions with their Indian business partners. These corporates [...]

May 2019

M&A Advisory Services in India

  With ever growing M&A space in India, there has been a continuous need for good quality M&A advisors in India. With increasing number of companies adopting inorganic route to [...]

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