Entry Strategy Services

We assist international corporate and investors who are looking to foray into India. Our dedicated team helps in assessing available opportunities in the target market and also in setting up company in India.

We help our clients formulate the right strategy for entering and expanding in the Indian market. Our role entails:

Market mapping: Analysis of industry, market segments – size and growth potential, competition, service and product differentiation, etc. This results in valuable insights which helps international companies in developing their market entry strategy.

Opportunity evaluation: Comprehensive analysis of business pre-requisites including required investment, suitable capital mix, gestation period, expected return on investment, repatriation mechanism, attached risks, and mitigation measures

Geographical assessment: Advisory on relevant areas, policies and procedures applicable in various states, and the risks and rewards in establishment of business in a particular region. This helps identify the relevant place of business best suited to meet the business objectives.

Taxation: Evaluation of tax implications, including treaty benefits and transfer pricing for any transactions contemplated with head office & sister concerns.

Looking to Invest in India? Why Hire a Financial Advisor

Emerging markets like India present exciting investment opportunities for investors and companies looking to expand their global footprints and enter in to high returns growth markets. In addition to fast growing economy, investment opportunities in India are enormous due to its large consumption base, increasing industrialisation and surge in spending capacity.

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Investment Opportunities in Airways sector in India

The air traffic in terms of the passenger, as well as freight transported, has been multiplying significantly every passing fiscal year. The air traffic is being projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10%, every year through 2015-2020.

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Investment Opportunities in Energy sector in India

With India’s focus on digitising the energy sector and vast improvements in the energy availability and its heart on ensuring and pushing for sector reforms, the opportunities for investors from US is increasing wherein they are ready to invest on diverse energy plans rather than sticking to the conventions, in this case, the conventional energy plans in the energy value chains.

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Opportunities for Global MNCs in India’s Farmtech Sector

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy with 58% of the rural population employed in the sector. In financial year 2016, agriculture and allied sectors contributed USD 244.74 billions and continued to grow at 6.64% during financial years 2007-16.

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