Transaction Advisory/Corporate Finance

Our core focus remains to provide end to end solutions to corporates in achieving inorganic growth through mergers & acquisitions. We believe in working closely with the client team to maximize the potential of each transaction and provide exceptional value to the client. “Right transaction at the right time” is our motto – thereby providing the necessary competitive edge to corporates ensuring desired growth for future. Our M&A team have the right mix of financial knowledge and execution experience coupled with capital market and transactions expertiseto service the clients effectively. Our services would entail:

Identification of suitable target for acquisition and/or finding an appropriate investor or strategic partner for the business
Facilitation of interaction between the identified partner(s) and complete hand holding support through whole transaction, including negotiations
Deal strategy formulation, deal negotiation and valuation
Due diligence reviews
Support in reviewing, drafting and formulating commercial agreements and necessary documentation
Assistance in deal closure
Assistance in inbound & outbound structuring from a tax and legal perspective
We are actively engaged in facilitating fund raising for established businessesas well as for new ventures and start-ups.
Startup Support Services in India

Startup Support Services in India

India has seen several growth stories of startups over past few years. Government has launched various schemes to provide an impetus to young entrepreneurs.

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merger and acquisition advisory services

M&A Advisory Services in India

For an international investors having no prior experience in Indian market, M&A advisors in India plays a very important role in handling the most of the crucial parts of the transaction, starting from scouring the buyers/sellers, support in discussions, review of documentation and taking the transaction to conclusion.

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How to Enter India Market

How to Enter India Market : The Right Strategy

For a multinational to enter the India market, it is first and foremost important to think through the ownership structure. As a surprise to many, it is reported that multinationals who know how to enter India market

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right time to enter India market

Reforms Galore : Is it the right time to enter India market?

Foreign investors including US-based private equity (PE) firms are looking at India as an investment-friendly country. The Indian Government has been liberalizing FDI Caps on various sectors and cutting back the list of prohibited sectors.

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Mantra for Global Multinationals

India Entry Strategy : Mantra for Global Multinationals

As the English idiom,to each his own’, global businesses can’t impose the global practices in the local Indian market. Such practices may not work in the Indian context.

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India Entry Strategy

India Entry Strategy : Five Important Aspects to Consider

Considering the sheer size, economic fundamentals and vibrancy India holds, it does make sense to enter this market sooner than later.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions: a post-deal review

To take advantage of various investment opportunities in India, several international corporates have established their presence by entering into M&A transactions with their Indian business partners.

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