GM Corporate Solutions (GMC), a multi-disciplinary professional advisory firm, is pleased to announce its strategic alliance with the Cornerstone International Alliance, an international alliance of elite M&A firms and advisors.

“GM Corporate Solutions adds a unique perspective to the Alliance,” stated Nick Olsen, Managing Director of Cornerstone International Alliance. “In addition to its valuable connections throughout Asia, the firm offers a variety of services to advise businesses in their financial journeys, as well as assist start-up ventures with fundraising and allied services.”

The Alliance partners work with business owners of firms with $500,000 to $10 million in EBITDA or $5 million to $150 million in revenue; developing accurate, honest and maximized valuations, helping sell a business, or helping the owner’s business grow through strategic acquisitions.

“GMC is excited to be associated with the Cornerstone International Alliance. Our objective is to engage in cross-border M&A transactions and also advising the network firms with respect to available investment opportunities in India and in the region,” explained Gopal Maheshwari, Managing Partner with GM Corporate Solutions. “The alliance adds to our international reach and will support us to serve our clients with greater depth of expertise across industry sectors. It opens up extensive avenues for our clients for international business, investments, mergers & acquisitions across geographies. This alliance will also provide our clients easy access to capital from investors across the globe.”

Founded in 2012, GMC specializes in providing result-oriented strategic & financial services support, customized for specific needs of clients from diverse business sectors. With GMC representing CIA in India, the Alliance now has 20 leading M&A and investment banking firms in the U.S. and across the globe with extensive experience in varied industry segments. Other alliance partners are:


(* designates Founding Members)