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With ever growing M&A space in India, there has been a continuous need for good quality M&A advisors in India. With increasing number of companies adopting inorganic route to fuel their growth strategy, it is crucial for them to identify the relevant opportunities to match their growth path, to identify the existing opportunities in relevant domain and appropriate fit with in investment size of the investor. To ensure that these criteria are met, the investor companies often need support from team of strong M&A advisors in India and get necessary support starting from identification of relevant business opportunities in India.
For an international investors having no prior experience in Indian market, M&A advisors in India plays a very important role in handling the most of the crucial parts of the transaction, starting from scouring the buyers/sellers, support in discussions, review of documentation and taking the transaction to conclusion. Ensuring that the investor is capturing correct investment opportunities in India, is a typical function of merger and acquisition advisory firms in India

Enumerated here are some of the key elements which are typically supported by financial advisors in India.

The cause and effect relationship

Any investment decision is taken for few key reasons, namely to eliminate/reduce competition, to increase the market share, for expanding into new arenas or to integrate some of the activities of the business with target company to increase the capacities and profitability of business.
Any M&A transactions can be tricky unless planned very carefully and thus requires a deep know how on industry dynamics, investor’s expectations with the market & such investment and very clear understanding of business evaluation strategy to ensure the key parameters for investment are met in long run.
To ensure that there is a clear strategic alignment of interests of the stakeholders with proposed business to be acquired, experience of M&A advisors in India comes very handy.

Regulations Proficiency

M&A transactions in India or in any country typically required to be in line with applicable regulations in the home country. Financial Advisors in India provide assistance in the process on various government regulations on the sector before investments, Company Law requirements, Foreign Exchange regulations, SEBI provisions, Income Tax and GST regulations etc, as the case may be. A M&A advisory Firm in India , who is well versed with these regulations can provide a structured framework for execution of transaction and required permissions from Government. Similarly, assistance from Tax Consultants in India is generally required by international investors to get a clear view of applicable taxes in India on such transactions. M&A advisory firms and India may come with a complete perspective to provide full range of services as above.

Investment growth and Exit strategy planning

In order to ensure growth over the life cycle of the investment and to plan the right time to exit, it is imperative that the planning beings before the ink dries up.An investor should have an exit strategy outlined, at the time of making the investment. This makes the requirement for M&A advisors in India even more important to support the investors in this meticulous planning.

GM Corporate Solutions

We are one of the specialist financial advisors in India, providing consistent services in transaction advisory space. GMC being one of the leading M&A advisors in Delhi is fully equipped to provide support to the international investors in full cycle of acquisition process. Our team’s deep experience in taxation matters makes GMC a leading Tax advisory firms in India. Our experts have capabilities to provide assistance at every stage of transaction till execution of exit strategy, which helps us become one of the trusted Financial Advisors in India.